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Node.js Training

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Essential Node.js Training Course

Essential Node.js


Essential Node.js is a flexible course designed to be adapted to beginner and advanced audiences. Our modular approach to curriculum building allows us to adapt the training session to your team and their specific requirements.

This multiple day, on-site, hands-on course provides a developer with the information and experience needed to build applications with Node.js. Familiarity with basic programming fundamentals is advised. Participants should have hands-on experience with programming languages (Javascript, Java,.Net, C++, Ruby, Python) and web development technologies.

Available Course Modules

  • Intro
  • Modules and NPM
  • Asynchronous Iteration
  • Advanced Buffers
  • Child Processes
  • Cryptography
  • TCP
  • HTTP
  • File-System
  • TLS
  • Event Emitter
  • Streams
  • How To Create an HTTPS Server
  • Using a Node.js HTTP Framework
  • Express.js
  • Flatiron.js
  • Using a relational database with Node.js


  • Learn Node.js Fundamental Classes
  • Learn about module management in Node.js
  • Networking with Node.js
  • Create HTTP Applications with Node.js
  • Integration with 3rd party services
  • Build Realtime Services with Node.js

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